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IEC 61427 2005
BS EN 61427 2002
IEC 60896-21/22 2004

Sunwind SWM Series  High Performance
ABT SWM Solar batteries are spcially designed for high capacity,for medium to large solar powered applications.


Products Characteristics

The ABT Sunwind SWM designed for high performance and integrity applications.

  • Range 2Volts cells  from 200ah to 3000ah
  • High cycling performance
    • Number of cycles
      • 80% DOD   530 
      • 50% DOD  1050
      • 20% DOD  2000
  • Special alloy and active material which provide High Cycles capability
  • Low floating charging voltage design
  • High Energy density which provide minimum space, reduced weight
  • Usable in any orientation
  • One way pressure relief valve with integral Flame arrestor
  • Box and cover in ABS material (Flame retardant upon request)
  • Optimal rate of current acceptance, good charge acceptance even with small current flows and good over-discharging recovery performance
  • Safety and reliable leakage-proof performance
  • Low self-discharge rate:<3% (20°C) monthly on average
  • Operatiing in wide ambient temperature range:-20℃ to 60℃
  • Applications

    Battery Construction

    Technical Features

    Renewable Energy Introduction:
    These two sources of Energy are considered as the most abundant energy source available and has been used from time immemorial.

    These forms of energy are normally clubbed under Renewable Energy Sources;ie energy sources that can be constantly replenished.Also the fact that the present energy sources like coal,oil and gas being finite in nature, the renewable energy sources have that much more demand and are lucrative as the demand is likely to growth at double digit growth in the coming years worldwide.

    Besides the diminishing natural resources, renewable energy offers key benefits such as being environmental friendly and cost effective due to the abundant supply available. (cost involved is only in converting the available energy and not in searching for the same

    Energy Storage is the biggest issue to be tackled in renewable energy systems due to the fat although there is an abundant supply of energy available, the sources for storing the same is scarce. Also one more area of concern is:

    How much energy can actually be stored and what is the mechanism in which the energy can be stored ?

    The Answer to this is Lead Acid Battery

    Our Solution is Sunwind SWP and SWM which stores solar and wind energy, safe ,reliable and economical.