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BS 6290:4 1997
IEC 60896-21/22 2004
Eurobat Guide -12 years and longer "long life"

Enduro EHP Series  High Performance
ABT EHP range of VRLA lead acid batteries have been designed specifically for use
in applications which demand the highest levels of security reliability.With proven compliance
to the most rigorous international standards.


Products Characteristics

The ABT Enduro EHP designed for high performance and integrity applications.

  • Design life: 12 years (20oC)
  • High product consistency
  • Low floating charging voltage design
  • High current discharge performance and high power output
  • Usable in any orientation
  • Easy installation and handling
  • Safety and reliable leakage-proof
  • Low self-discharge rate: ≤3% (20oC) monthly on average
  • Operating in wide ambient temperature range: -20oC~60oC


Battery Construction

Technical Features

Sealed Construction
ABT's unique multiple sealing construction and sealing technique ensures that no electrolyte leakage should occur from the terminals or case of any Enduro EHP. This feature provides for safe and effective operation of Enduro EHP in any orientation.

Electrolyte Suspension System
Enduro EHP utilize an electrolyte suspension system consisting of high microporous glass fibre separator.This suspension system helps to achieve maximum service life, by fully retaining the electrolyte and preventing its escape from the separator material.

Gas Generation
Enduro EHP incorporates a unique design that effectively recombines over 99% of the gas generated during normal usage.

Low Maintenance Operation
During the life of Enduro EHP, there is no need to check their specific gravity or add water etc.

Operation In Any Orientation
The combination of sealed construction and electrolyte suspension system permits operation of Enduro EHP in any orientation (excluding continuous inverted use) without loss of capacity, service life, or leakage of electrolyte.

Long Float Service Life
The expected service life of the standard model Enduro EHP when used in standby applications is typically 12 years.

Low Self Discharge -Long Shelf Life
At temperatures of between 20 & 25oC, the self discharge rate of Enduro EHP is approximately 3% per month of their rated capacity. This low self discharge rate permits storage for up to one year without any deterioration of battery performance.

Wide operating Temperature Range
Enduro EHP can be used over a wide range of ambient temperatures:-20oC~60oC, allowing considerable flexibility in system design and location.

High Recovery Capability
Enduro EHP have excellent charge acceptance and recovery capability, even after very deep discharge.