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UN 38.3

Lithium-ion Series  High Performance
ABT BV is one of the best suppliers for telecommunication business and is accumulating large-scale project experience world-wide. ABT BV provides Advanced BACKUP lithium-ion battery which is the core device of the future power business through world’s best manufacturing facilities and technology.


Function of the Products

Cells equalization technology
The Li-ion cell consistency problem can be solved effectively by active or passive equalization technology, which can be custom specified.

Charge current limiting (optional)
The function can avoid the current shock when switch power start, also can solve the voltage difference problem between the parallel batteries.

Expanding capacity by parallel
Battery packs can be paralleled with more than 10 sets to expand capacity, can meet the requirements of large capacity energy storage.

Self-learning Capacity Technology
Through real-time data acquisition, the battery capacity can be calculated and the SOC(state of the capacity) can be modified automatically.

Heating film (Optional)
In the environment of low temperature, the auxiliary heating film will start to work and heat the surface of the battery, which the battery capacity can be maintained.

Alarm Function
In addition to the basic protection alarm, the BMS can also transmit the alarm info of power off, low voltage, entrance guard to the network administrator.

LCD Display Function
External display monitor can display the battery voltage, cells voltage, battery temperature, battery SOC, alarm & protection information etc.

Other Function
The alarm beeps, pre charging function, data storage function and the battery capacity and the running state indicator function by LED light.


High Efficiency/Long Cycle Life
We can offer you the significantly efficient and compact systems with high energy density cells. We provide long-term safety and reliability.

Stable Production and Supply
Stable Production and Supply.

Highly Reliable BMS (Battery Management System)
We has developed BMS with its state-of-art technology which manages the whole battery system.



Integrated Battery System
Integrated lithium ion phosphate batteries can be widely used in FTTB, FTTX, RRU, BBU and other small mobile communication field, through parallel battery capacity expansion, can also be used for communication base stations and Telecommunications Center and other important application field.

Portable Battery System
These products can be used for the power supply of mobile communication equipment in Vehicle, and can also be used for fieldwork as a portable emergency power supply.